Month: October 2018

5 Amazing Places to Go in Nye Beach

If you have never been to Oregon, you’re surely missing out on some of the most beautiful natural areas in the entire country (perhaps the world!). While a lot of people are attracted to places like Yosemite and Yellowstone, you should know that there are places in other parts of the world that aren’t nearly as popular with the masses but are just as worth the visit.

You should look for hidden gems in your own state or in lesser traveled areas. Why? Because they are more intimate places for you to go either on your own or with your family. You’ll also be supporting a smaller local community, and isn’t that what everyone wants?

Here are a few places in and near my hometown of Nye Beach that are definitely worth the visit. So, instead of booking that yearly camping trip to Lake Tahoe, why not book a trip to Nye Beach and check out some of these fantastic places?

  1. Oregon Undersea Gardens
    If you and your youngsters want to be wowed by what can be found underwater, then you should really check out the undersea gardens! It’s the largest collection of local sea wildlife in the are and it’s absolutely stunning.
    While I was sure amazing, I’d definitely say that this is more of a family activity. So if you’re looking for something a little less child-like, then I suggest checking out one of the other things on this list!
  2. Yaquina Head Lighthouse
    The undersea gardens aren’t the only place you’ll find oceanic wonders. Not only is the Lighthouse a fantastic and historical sight, but the surrounding wildlife is gorgeous as well. I suggest taking in all of the natural beauty that this place has to offer!
  3. The Sea Lion Caves
    While this isn’t in the town of Nye Beach, this would be a lovely day trip to take if you want to witness something truly magical and natural. Watch as tons of sea lions gather in these immaculate caves.